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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Program

Our preventative maintenance program has been developed in order to prolong the life cycle of our clienteles existing roofing composition. With minor repairs followed by an extensive range of inspections; the owners will be able to fully understand the needs of their current roofing system.

Commercial owners in the Sudbury area have saved thousands by being a part of the Douro Roofing: preventative maintenance program. This program proactively prevents roof damage from occurring and has increased our customers roofing system lifespan.

Our preventative maintenance program
consists of the following:

Flashing inspection:

Field inspection:

10 steps to performing a roof / field inspection are:


1. Check the roof covering
2. Check the fasteners
3. Check the deck sheathing
4. Check the slope and underlayment
5. Check the ice barrier
6. Check the drip edge
7. Check for an offset pattern
8. Check the roof valley flashing
9. Check the nail penetration into the deck sheathing
10. Check the flashing areas

Seams Inspection:

Curbs Inspection:

Pitch Pocket Inspection:

Vent Stack Inspection:

Drain Inspection:

Line Supports:

Roof Report

Douro Roofing roof report is a complete report that outlines all aspect of your roofing needs. The report will outline all possible repairs which will include a method of repair. Cut test will be performed in random locations in order to determine your roofing composition and to see if any part of your roofing system has been saturated. Pictures will be included in this report.

Roof Scan

New technology has allowed Douro roofing to determine all saturated areas of your roof by method of scanning it. The scan will be followed up by a report that will be handed to the owner for his personal information.

*All pricing available upon request